Thursday, February 3, 2011

Review on TMTC

TM Training Centre also known as TMTC...a place where it provides training for TM staff and also for other staffs from other company...TMTC Kuala Lumpur is a central TMTC..besides that, it has many regional training center, which are from Northen, Southen, Eastern, Sabah and for those who wanna make any training at TMTC, please do not hesitate to contact them...

the view inside of TMTC KL

the view of assessment dept

"To be Malaysia's leading next generation communications training provider, that develops professional & personal growth."

TM Training Centre shall be the institution that develops, transforms, and creates people at the various levels of the organisation with the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out the corporate objectives of TM, the needs of society and other professional organisations.

General Contact:

TM Training Centre Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Gurney Kiri, 54100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: +603 2020 6611, Fax: +603 2693 1812


CarlaKlik said...

promote nmpk haha ;p

Nurul Bahiah said...

mesti la...kne promote tmpt intern..hehehe..