Friday, December 24, 2010

~ 8th week internship & the last week ~

20/12/2010 - 24/12/2010

This week is my last week of my internship at TMTC...but there is still work for me even this is last, my first task is copy and paste data of Macro report from TM system to Ms, Sir Mahendran asked me to prepare slide of MDF summary for their presentation...I also need tp prepare Master List of MDF from May to November 2010...then, I was assigned by Syikin to login General Manager's page and key-in their comments about their evaluation on the General Manager's they need to evaluate all the managers or management to help them improve their performance and their way as a leader...finally, I sent all my task to Sir Mahendran and Syikin via email as their backup...

You know what??I'm happy to be here...doing internship at here bring me a lot of nice moment with them...even the data is coming non-stop...what make me happy is the way they treat me as student...i'm still remember every friday, ina, me and also the other staff must go to market which is behind the Felda building to buy food...also, one of the managers and assistant managers are back from they share their stuff from Hajj with us..and all of us got one perfume from them..and the last moment me and Syikin is we lunch together outside from the TMTC...actually she and the manager wanna make surprise to us...and i do not know what is it...unfortunately, Ina is absent they have to delay their plan to the next meeting...huhuhu...

the dessert ordered by me and Syikin... strawberry, mocha and chocolate sneak :D

What I have learned from my internship, i will bring it to my future...the criteria as a successful worker that I can bring to myself as a student and future worker is punctual, either in terms of date line or attendance...the others are team work, communication skill, patient and persistence...and the most important thing as my manager said is attitude...your attitude is your can show how are you also can make other people either like or dislike you as their colleague...if your attitude is lousy, for sure people around you would not like you...and challenge will be around you when you are be patient and persistence are needed in yourself to be a successful worker and student...

Other than that is a lot of new thing that I learned during my internship...mostly is Pivot Table that i learned to get the summary of grand total from what data we insert into Ms Excel... there is a lot of new thing that i learned in Ms Excel such as VLook ( the formula)...

That's all my internship report for 8 week at TMTC....TQVM....^_^...

Thank you so much to all of them!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

~ 7th week internship ~

13/12/2010 - 17/12/2010

Hye everyone!!This week I just continued prepare MDF certificates templates, which 112 assessees that passed their assessment…these certificates templates must be prepared before its going to print…then, I got new task from Sir Mahendran, which is make slides for Tm Leadership Competency Assessment Centre…this slides is needed as an ordered from an Assistant General Manager, Mdm.Latifah….next, there is new task for me where I need to copy data of Macro Report from TM system and paste it in Ms Excel…that report is about the result of 360 degree feedback evaluation for TM staffs…then, from that report I need to prepare the summary that include the average of the result and find the minimum and maximum result…

In this week also, my academic supervisor from college came to visit me and Ina at TMTC...before that, I need to prepare an email about the attendance of my supervisor to visit us...actually my supervisor is Mdm.Siti Hajar Alias that need to visit me…but she cannot attend because she is doing Hajj…then, Mdm Aelya Zetty bt Zainal Kassim was replaced her to visit me…Alhamdulillah, its going smoothly and there is no negative comment from my manager, Sir Mahendran…For Madam Aelya and Sir Mahendran, again I would like to thank to both of you for your time...

So, here i would like to share my experience being internship at tmtc...i feel grateful to being here because i got friendly boss and staffs around me...thus, i'm not hesitate to talk and it is easy to communicate with them...I could understand what they said...they treat me and ina as their colleague...and also as a family...that is what one of the TM's principes, which is treat the other staff as a family...thus, it will not create gap between the staffs and the boss...

...there is no gap between the boss and the workers because they work as a team...

Friday, December 10, 2010

~ 6th week internship ~

6/12//2010 - 10/12/2010

Assalamualaikum....first of all...Salam Maal Hijrah 1432H to all of you...May this year bring us more barakah and rahmat from Allah s.w.t....So for this week, I was assigned to prepare attendance summary of TM Leadership Competency Assessment 2010 for assessors...this summary is including assessors' name, how many they conduct the assessment and the total number of assessors that I need to record in MS next task is to prepare activities schedule for my department, Assessment Centre in this manager, Sir Mahendran need this schedule to present their activities to the upper management...then,  got new task from Syikin, which is copy and paste data of personal information from TM System into Ms Excel...the data is based on TM Sub Unit...two of the TM sub unit has a lot of data, so it takes time to paste and save...after that, I continued prepared summary of MDF based on format from my manager...then, she asked me to prepared MDF certificates templates for 112 assessees that have passed their assessment....that's all my task for this week...

Friday, December 3, 2010

~ 5th week internship ~

29/11/2010 - 3/12/2010

Hello my all beloved friends!!!how about your internship???is it good???or bad???hope your internship will give you good moment for you....sedar tak sedar, in this week we go through period of already 1 month we have done our it???it just a moment...

So, for this week there is no new task for me...i just continue update data of MDF....i got new data for MDF from En.Ibnusina, assisstant manager of as usual i need to record all that data..and make report for my manager, Sir Mahendran....all that data I need to record to prepare certificates for all the assesses....after completed, Syikin tought me to print that certificates....that all my job for this week....along the way I done my task during my internship, its help me how to communicate with the upper level management...the way to discuss with make they understand what we have done....of course in proper way ok...what i noticed is they do not want to know the reason such as laptop is hang, the way you complete your task....the negative reason...what they want to know is the result or output of the choose you wanna be an employer or boss????

Friday, November 26, 2010

~ 4th week internship ~

22/11/2010 - 26/11/2010

Good morning readers!!! this week is very special for know what?? on Monday 22nd nov is MY BIRTHDAY...this week is my birthday celebration...despite that is small celebration, i'm still being grateful...this week i'm 22 years old, forget about that, i wanna tell you my task for this week...
choc.indulgence cake bought by mum..nyummm..

This week Syikin want me stop recheck the data from the system...I was assigned new task which is 'Monitoring', which is monitor all the TM'staff whether they are done complete the evaluation form or not... this evaluation is like 'SIE' in our college...where all the students need to evaluate their lecturers.First of all, what i need to do is extract data from the system based on their Band ( their job level), Segment, OpCos, Division, Unit and Sub Unit. There is two category that i need to extract the data, which are for TM Group and TM Training Centre...For TM Group, my side to extract data is FIBRAIL, FIBERCOMM, GITN, MMU, MKL and TAB...For TM Training Centre Unit is SOT, SOM, SOIT, COM. & DEV. Planning, Bus Ope. & Assessment Centre...After extract data, i have to prepare summary of the data and make it become pivot table to get the total of incumbent... then Syikin asked me to prepare report of that data... I need to prepare report for TM Group & TM only separately....the way to make report for both of them is here the skill of quick learner is needed...after finished, I have to give that report to Sykin to recheck and then sent to manager....

one of this week is my bad day because i and Ina need to stay with manager and his assistant until night to prepare that report....because they need give that report to the general manager,Pn.Latifah after know what?? i'm not ready yet to stay in the office until 10.30pm...oh no!!!we can't finish it on office hour because Syikin was late asked us to do that task...OMG!!!i'm so hungry that time...thank god! manager ordered pizza for us..and 10.30 pm we have finished our report for that day....hmmm... 

View Image

Friday, November 19, 2010

~ 3rd week internship ~

15/11/2010 - 19/11/2010

Hello bloggers and my 'teman2ku' especially!!!first of all i would like to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to all of you..."semoga pengorbanan & amal ibadah kita diterima Allah swt"...I'm taken leave on Tuesday to make preparation of hari raya on Wednesday....this is my chance to take leave...Yes!!After filled leave form, my application was approved by my supervisor, Sir Mahendran....Alhamdullilah...i can take leave....

3 days on this week,  my task is key in participants attendance that was given by was attendance of briefing 360 feedback system that was held on 15/11/10/ at Menara TM that given by Syikin...other than that, i'm only continued recheck data of 360 degree feedback...that all...key in data is only my task for this week...

Friday, November 12, 2010

~ 2nd week internship ~

8/11/2010 - 12/11/2010

For the 2nd week internship, I was assigned to recheck data 360 degree feedback...i need to check the data in the TM system is same with data in the ms excel that has given by kak syikin...ooppsss!..syikin..hehehe...that is a lot of data and folder that i need to check...starting from TMGlobal, i recheck the data based on thier band...i need to add data if there is no data in the TM is the level of job grade..starting from lower level, which is band 1 until band upper level, band 5....Band 1 is a executive, band 2 is a manager, next is senior manager and the higher level , band 4 and above is key top management..

where is everybody???

Besides recheck data, i learn how to use photostat and fax machine with kak Ju....After install printer software, Aishah and Nizam, who are from kolej multimedia TM also doing practical, help me to setup the printer in my laptop...

Syikin want me and Ina complete recheck 360 degree feedback in this week if possible....for me it is impossible because there is a lot of folder and data that need to recheck...8.30 am until 5.30 pm in a week to complete recheck data is quite difficult....oohhh no! i'm tired to sit down in front of laptop doing this task.....Now, I'm still doing recheck data......huhuhuhu....tired..tired....tired....

Friday, November 5, 2010

~ 1st week internship ~

1/11/2010 - 5/11/2010

1 nov 2010 is my 1st day on my internship at Telekom Malaysia Training Centre (TMTC)...TMTC provide training and assessment for TM staff to improve their performance. ...Fortunately, i not alone doing internship at TMTC...I have Ina from same college to do internship...Ina and me reported ourself at 8:30 with en.muhamad, who manage practical students... After signed the attendance, I was taken by sis Ju (the clerk of Assessment Unit) to meet  Sir Mahendran, one of the manager of assessment center unit...the other managers are Pn.Azlina and En.Syahrin.. Sir Mahenddran is my supervisor.. Initially, he gave briefings about work area, dress code and work ethic at TMTC .. after briefing, I was introduced to all staff in the office and I was given a place to do work ..I thought i will placed on the other unit..but its ok..for me anywhere I was placed is not a long as i have work to do..

...i was placed here..hihihi...

Taking about Assessment Center Unit, this unit provide assessment for all  TM staff if they want to 'naik pangkat' not easy for someone 'naik pangkat'..they have to do assessment about TM, customer service and about product..same goes to my mom and dad...they have to do assessment before got 'naik pangkat''...
For this week, I was assigned by my supervisor Sir Mahendran to do MDF and TROS..what is that???hmmm...MDF is assessment for contractor...if they want to make contract with TM they have through MDF assessment to check their ability to do the work..this assessment can check whether they are able to give service/good quality to TM..while TROS is a skill development program..this assessment is to check their practical skill, such as on streamyx and broadband they conduct that good and how they serve the customers...what i need to do is to key in assessor and assessee data such as their marks and so on in ms excel....after completed i need to do pivot table in excel to get the summary of the data...
....MDF & TROS that need to key-in in ms excel....

I was helped by Syikin, who is one of the assistant manager in this unit...for the first I met her, I called her 'kakak'....but she said "don't call me kakak"...i'm not old yet"...."i'm only 24"...and I'm still called her 'kakak'...she has to accept that she is not young anymore...(for me la)....she is so friendly and easy to hang out with her......and now she is ok if i called her 'kakak'..... ^-^.....baru sedar ke syikin...........heeeheee...

For this week i'm only do MDF and TROS...............there is no task after boring......I can't surf internet because I get wrong IP address.........then sis Ju called IT unit to help me.......after that I can surf!!bestnye.....i can't do anything without internet....

Monday, August 23, 2010

Kenapa Tak Rogol Saya?????????

Cerita ini adalah tentang seorang wanita dari Malaysia yang bekerja di US. Dia memakai tudung dan memiliki akhlak yang bagus.

Suatu malam perempuan ini dalam perjalanan balik ke rumah dari tempat kerjanya. Kebetulan dia mengambil jalan singkat untuk pulang. Jalan yang diambil pula agak tersorok dan tidak banyak orang yang lalu lalang pada masa itu.

Disebabkan hari yang agak sudah lewat, berjalan di jalan yang agak gelap sebegitu membuatkan dia agak gelisah dan rasa takut. Lebih-lebih lagi dia berjalan berseorangan.

Tiba-tiba dia nampak ada seorang lelaki (kulit putih Amerika) bersandar di dinding di tepi lorong itu. Dia sudah mula rasa takut dan tak sedap hati. Apa yang dia boleh buat waktu tu adalah berdoa ke hadrat Allah memohon keselamatan atas dirinya. Dia baca ayat Kursi dengan penuh pengharapan agar Allah membantu dia disaat itu.
 images (1)
Masa dia melepasi tempat lelaki itu bersandar, dia sempat menoleh dan dapat mengecam muka lelaki itu. Nasib baik lelaki itu buat tidak endah dan perempuan ini selamat sampai ke rumahnya.

Keesokkan paginya, wanita ini terbaca dalam akhbar yang seorang perempuan telah dirogol oleh seorang lelaki yang tidak dikenali dekat lorong yang dia jalan semalam hanya 10 minit selepas dia melintasi lorong tersebut.

Muslimah ini yakin benar lelaki kulit putih yang dia lihat semalam adalah perogol itu. Atas rasa tanggungjawab dia terus ke balai polis dan buat aduan. Wanita ni dapat mengenalpasti suspek melalui kawad cam dan selepas siasatan dilakukan, polis dapat bukti bahawa lelaki tersebut adalah perogol yang dicari.

Tapi perempuan ini hairan juga kenapa lelaki tadi tak jadikan dia mangsa ketika dia melalui lorong tersebut walhal dia keseorangan di masa tu, tetapi lelaki tadi rogol perempuan yang lalu selepas dia. Wanita ini nak tahu sangat sebabnya. Jadi dia minta kebenaran polis untuk bercakap dengan perogol tadi sebelum hukuman dijatuhkan (sebelum lelaki tadi di bawa ketempat lain).

Dia pun tanya perogol itu..

“Why don’t you do anything to me on that night even though you know that I’m alone?”

(Kenapa awak tak buat apa-apa kat saya malam tu walaupun awak tau saya seorang je masa tu?)

Perogol tu jawab:

“No, you are not alone. That night I saw two young man walking with you. One on your right side and the other one was by your left side. If you were alone of course you will be my victim.”

(Tak, awak bukan berseorangan. Malam tu saya nampak ada 2 orang lelaki berjalan dengan awak. Seorang sebelah kanan awak dan sorang lagi sebelah kiri awak. Kalaulah awak sorang2 malam tu, sudah pasti awak jadi mangsa saya..)

Wanita ni rasa amat terkejut bila dengar penjelasan perogol tu. Dia bersyukur ke hadrat Allah kerana memelihara dia malam itu, mungkin juga berkat ayat Kursi yang dia baca malam itu.



Jika kita sebagai hambaNya menurut segala perintah dan meninggalkan segala laranganNya, Dia pastinya akan sentiasa dekat dengan kita dan memelihara kita. Wanita tadi pertama-tamanya menutup aurat di US dan memang seorang yang menjaga batas-batas yang ditetapkan Islam. Mungkin dua orang lelaki yang menemani wanita itu adalah malaikat yang diutuskan Allah untuk menjaga hambaNya yang sentiasa ingat akan

"...Barang siapa membaca ayat Kursi apabila berbaring di tempat tidurnya, Allah mewakilkan 2 orang Malaikat memeliharanya hingga subuh. Barang siapa yang membaca ayat al-Kursi ketika dalam kesempitan nescaya Allah berkenan memberi pertolongan kepadanya ..."
[Dari Abdullah bin ‘Amr r.a.]

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Seronok Ramadhan???

Ada ape ye dlm bln ramadhan???nape sesetengah org tu excited sgt bila tiba nye ramadhan??tmasuk la saya..huhuhu..mst la..kan dlm bln ramadhan penuh dgn keberkatan..sbb tu la org tkejar2 wat amal ibadah..sbb pahala nye yg banyak.kt cni de tip2 cmne nk sambut ramadhan...
1. Berdoa banyak agar Allah s.w.t memberikan keinginan dan semangat beribadat yang tinggi pada Ramadan. Kita kadangkala tertanya diri sendiri ‘kenapalah malas sangat aku ini, dulu tak macam ni.’
2. Pergilah ziarah kubur sebelum atau di awal Ramadan kerana ia akan mengingatkan betapa kurangnya kita per siapan amalan.
3.Meriahkan kehadiran Ramadan dengan perbanyakkan ucapan sesama sahabat dan keluarga dengan kata-kata se mangat agar bertambah ‘ghairah’ dan bermakna bulan berkat ini.
Dalam sunnah pun Nabi s.a.w selalu memberikan khabar gembira kepada kalangan sahabatnya setiap kali datang bulan Ramadan: “Telah datang kepada kalian bulan Ramadan, bulan yang penuh berkat. Allah telah mewajibkan kepada kalian untuk berpuasa. Pada bulan itu Allah membuka pintu-pintu surga dan menutup pintu-pintu neraka.” (Hadis riwayat Ahmad)
4. Tambah ilmu fiqah mengenai cara berpuasa Nabi Mu hammmad s.a.w dan kalangan sahabat serta salfussalih serta kelebihan Ramadan dan fadilatnya dengan membaca buku ataupun menghadiri ceramah dan tazkirah Ramadan yang diadakan di pejabat dan surau masjid agar berpuasa dengan panduan ilmu, bukannya ikut adat.
5. Perbanyakkan istighfar dan taubat secara bersung guh-sungguh kerana dosa-dosa inilah yang akan memalapkan kejernihan hati untuk berseronok dengan ibadat.
Tinggalkan dosa dan maksiat. Anggaplah Ramadan kali ini sebagai satu ‘madrasah’ (sekolah) dan pusat latihan yang berkesan mengubah hati, akal dan nafsu yang selama ini menjadi pak turut kepada syaitan yang menjadi seteru Allah.
Bukalah lembaran baru yang bersih. Dua Lembaran baru; pertama, kepada Allah, dengan taubat yang sebenarnya iaitu taubat nasuha.
“Dan bertaubatlah kamu sekalian kepada Allah, hai orang-orang yang beriman, supaya kamu beruntung.” (An-Nur:31)
Kedua, lembaran kepada Nabi Muhammad s.a.w, dengan menjalankan sunnah-sunnahnya dan melanjutkan risalah dakwahnya.
6. Mereka yang ada penyakit, pergilah berjumpa doktor untuk mendapatkan nasihat cara pemakanan ubat yang betul supaya kekal sihat dan kuat. Ini kerana ibadat puasa me merlukan kekuatan fizikal.
Jika sihat, jangan berbuka sewenang-wenangnya sebab sekali berbuka puasa tanpa sebab padahnya sangat besar dan amat rugi kerana ganti puasa satu hari puasa yang ditinggal tanpa sebab tak dapat ditebus walaupun sepanjang tahun ber puasa.
7. Berbisiklah pada diri, berkemungkinan puasa kali ini adalah puasa yang terakhir dalam hidup anda sebab umur adalah dalam kekuasaan Allah. Semoga Allah s.w.t me manjangkan usia kita sehingga dapat berpuasa sepenuhnya kali ini.

Tp de sesetengah org excited dlm ramadhan sbb:
~ klo da bln pose, so dlm kepale ni mst la mknn kan? tiba nye la wktu untk bhabis duit di

   bazar ramadhan..semua mknn kite nk beli..semua nye sedap mate memandang..nyum!!nyum!!nuym!!

   last2 tak habis mkn..membazir je..
~ time2 ni la kite duk sibuk tempah baju raya..sana sini kte nk tempah..xcukup 1 kedai

    jahit..n time ni jgk la kite gunakan sgla tenaga n duit utk 'project' shopping..sgla benda nk baru kn..

   baru la cantik mata memandang..
pape pn tu semua depends pada kite..nak wat pape pn suka hati la..asalkan amal ibadah kite tjaga ye..salam ramdhan!!

Blog ni saya punya!!

hari ni t'cipta la day wat blog..xtau nk citer pe..jakun first time de blog..tu smpi t'klik jd follower blog sndri..ish..ish..